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  • Sustainable Transportation System Design 

    Colak, Melis; Utku, Irem Yaprak; Ozmisir, Deniz; Boz, Alican; Aydogdu, Tayfun; Didis, Mert Cem (2020)
    As reducing the carbon footprint became one of the topmost concerns of the firms, Company X Turkey has a goal of transforming all of its operations in environmentally sustainable manner. Therefore, they specified their ...
  • Objective Pain Assessment Using Vital Signs 

    Erdogan, Burak; Ogul, Hasan (2020)
    Pain is considered as an emotional experience and unrestful feeling associated with tissue damage. The feeling of pain occurs when the interpretation starts in brain; as a signal is sent through nerve fiber to the brain. ...
  • Serum indoxyl sulfate concentrations associate with progression of chronic kidney disease in children 

    Baskin, Esra (2020)
    The uremic toxins indoxyl sulfate (IS) and p-cresyl sulfate (pCS) accumulate in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) as a consequence of altered gut microbiota metabolism and a decline in renal excretion. Despite of ...
  • On 'rotating charged AdS solutions in quadratic f(T) gravity': new rotating solutions 

    Az, Mustapha (2020)
    We show that there are two or more procedures to generalize the known four-dimensional transformation, aiming to generate cylindrically rotating charged exact solutions, to higher dimensional spacetimes. In the one procedure, ...
  • A Systematic Literature Review for Personnel Scheduling Problems 

    Ozder, Emir Huseyin; Ozcan, Evrencan; Eren, Tamer (2020)
    Organizations need to focus on many parameters to reach their goals such as personnel satisfaction at the top level, profit maximization, increasing system efficiency and minimizing costs. By carefully examining the ...

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