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    • Prostate Biopsy in the Elderly: Histologic Findings and Treatment Necessity 

      Akman, Ramazan Yavuz; Koseoglu, Hikmet; Oguzulgen, Ahmet Ibrahim; Sen, Erhan; Yaycioglu, Ozgur (2014)
      The aim of this study is to determine results of high prostate specific antigen (PSA) or abnormal digital rectal examination driven prostate biopsies performed in our Department in men aged 75 or more and to show the ...
    • Use and Outcomes of Noninvasive Ventilation for Acute Respiratory Failure in Different Age Groups 

      Ugurlu, Aylin Ozsancak; Sidhom, Samy S.; Khodabandeh, Ali; leong, Michael; Mohr, Chester; Lin, Denis Y.; Buchwald, Irwin; Bahhady, Imad; Wengryn, John; Maheshwari, Vinay; Hill, Nicholas S. (2016)
      BACKGROUND: The prevalence of chronic disease and do-not-intubate status increases with age. Thus, we aimed to determine characteristics and outcomes associated with noninvasive ventilation (NIV) use for acute respiratory ...